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Monogramming Etiquette & Tips

You want your monogrammed dance bag or personalized gift to be perfect, right? Not exactly sure whether to use initials or a name? We can do either! Here are some monogramming tips for personalizing your gifts......

Monogramming etiquette has some loose guidelines that are often altered by an individual's taste! Traditionally, for example, a woman's monogram, places the last name initial in the center and it's larger. Men's monograms can be arranged the same way, but are traditionally done in the order of their names and all the same size letters. There are certainly exceptions!

Here are some of the fonts and thread colors that are popular now! Master Circle and Circle are for 3 letter monograms only and usually the last name initial appears in the center of these fonts.

Pillow, Monogramming Etiquette & Tips

 Cushion, Monogramming Etiquette & Tips

Cotillion, Classic, Serif, and Circle are the most popular fonts for men. Boys' fonts include Classic, Blackboard, and Silly. For women and girls, Master Circle is the favorite font, followed by Circle. Etiquette is nice for names! Party Time and Dottie are also great choices for younger girls.

Personalization is a great idea if you're part of any sort of team or group! My son takes karate, and it's nice to have his name on his bag at a graduation with hundreds of identical bags!  Personalized duffel bags would be great for dance troupes, cheer teams, and gymnastic teams! Swim teams love monogrammed robes! If you'd prefer, we can embroider a team name instead of initials.

Still not sure about what monogram is right for you?  Just email us! We'll be delighted to help design the perfect personalization for you!