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Monograms For Women and Men

Posted by Laura Beavers on

How should my initials appear in a monogram? That is likely the most asked question that I get from prospective customers! Though it's really personal preference, I'll give you the most common ways to create a monogram.

Traditional monograms for females are often in first, last, middle name order, with the last name initial in the center and larger. This order is appropriate for unmarried or married women! When I sew women's monograms, I usually make the monogram as large as is appropriate for the item. Seems like the bolder and larger the monogram, the better! Master Circle (shown on the aqua cosmetic bag) and Circle are the fonts of choice for womens' monograms, and Etiquette is popular for names.

Men's monograms can be either first, last, middle name order, or in name order and all the same size. I sew an equal amount of both types of monograms for men and boys. Typically, I create a smaller monogram for men, than I would for women. I like tone on tone (especially black!) for a subtle, classy men's monogram!  Classic and Cotillion fonts are the most popular for men.

I often prefer first names for kid's bags and robes. What child doesn't get excited to see their own name on a gift? For teenage girls, the most popular font for initials by far is Master Circle. You can see this monogram font on everything from pocket tees to purses for teens! For younger girls and boys, Blackboard, Dottie, and Party Time are very popular fonts for names.

I hope these tidbits will help you decide on the right monogram style for you! If you would like some help, please contact me at Double B Monograms, and we'll figure out the perfect font for you!



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