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It's taken me awhile, but.....

Posted by Laura Beavers on

Finally! My Double B Monograms website is up and running! I'm still tweaking products and adding new ones, but it's live. This process of developing a website has taken me nearly 2 years. I've learned way more about building a site than I ever intended to, but it is nice to have full control and the ability to change my site as needed.

My journey with selling monogrammed bags started on Etsy in August of 2012. I knew from the beginning that I wanted my own site so I could determine what items I could sell. The monogramming part of the business is actually the easy part! Website building has a steep learning curve, though Shopify customer service has been there for every bump in the road.

I enjoy helping customers decide on the perfect monogrammed gift, whether it's for a teacher gift, groomsmen gifts, or simply a gift to a child from a grandparent. Hopefully, my customer service will set me apart from the competition! Blogging is my next hurdle......



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